SDR Night @ 2600 This Friday

Software Defined Radio (SDR) night will be this Friday at the regularly scheduled 2600 meeting. I have a HackRF blue generously donated for the space along with several other HackRF blue units. Come play with this fun technology! Friday 6:30-7pm @ Hive13

If someone can cross-post this to the wordpress blog or remind me how, I’d appreciate it.


And just to be clear - regular 2600 time was 7pm not 630, my bad.

I’m so down for this. I’ll be there!

I’ll do up a wordpress blog right now, but I don’t know how to add it to the calendar.

It’s on the calendar… 2600 meeting. Good there. :slight_smile:

If anyone has any SDR dongles of their own, bring em. More the merrier.