SDR + GNU Radio

Hello all,

I’m getting ready to grab a USRP and play with GNU Radio. I was wondering if any one on this list has any experience with USRP or really any Software Defined Radio. Setting up a lab soon and I’m interested in other peoples experiences. I don’t know the exact range yet, but I would like to build a lab that supports a wide range (hence the USRP).

Thanks in advance!


I have a RTL2832U SDR Kit that I've been playing with lately. Frequency range is roughly 25MHz-1700MHz. Haven't really done much with GNU Radio yet but I have been having tons of fun with SDR#. My planned next step is to splice a larger antenna onto my existing dongle.

- Dark Ian

Yes, I already order one of those because…well, they are super cheap! How can you not get one :smiley:


I’m interested in learning more about USRPs. What setup are you using?

-Ryan A.

I have the X300 with LFTX&RX cards as well as the WBX card. I also have a cheap $20 RTLSDR device :slight_smile: