Scull session on the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire at tonight's 7:30 pm meeting

Fellow members and lurkers,

The Hive's regularly scheduled 2nd Tuesday of the month guest speaker
program is on vacation this month and has not arranged a speaker for

Instead, we will have a Hive scull session (brainstorming and planning
discussion) on the upcoming Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire to be at
Washington Park in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine district on Saturday,
October 19 from noon to 10:00pm.

We are looking for everyone's best efforts to contact and register
organizations, makers, artists, crafters, performers, and musicians
from all walks in the regional maker universe to make this 1st annual
event an over-the-top success.

Several developing plans will be revealed at tonight's meeting. We're
looking for even more too!

Also mark you calendars and put the word out to potential participants
for this coming Monday night, June 17 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Fellow
organizer, Jason Langdon will be at Springboard hosting a Q&A session
dedicated to Cincinnati Maker Faire. You bring the Q’s and he'll
provide the A’s. It will be a very open forum so some ideation and
collaboration will ensue. Which is great because the July 1st
application deadline is fast approaching.

Go to the Facebook Event Page

Register on the Eventbrite Page (it's free)

See you tonight at the Hive and at the Springboard event Monday!


we can finally make it to a meeting for the first time in months! See you tonight.

I’m very bummed that I can not make this meeting, I need to be in Dayton to pick up my wife and kid at the airport at 8. If I were there, I would talk about the “learn to solder kit” project.

I hope that the meeting minutes will reflect the developing plans to be revealed tonight!

I’ve been waiting for that ECU talk for forever. D: Next next second Tuesday?

You do know there are monthly meetings for the car hacking stuff, right?

…when are they? This is relevant to my interests.

At Hive13. see and sign up to the mailing list. Last saturday got delayed but we might have a short meeting this saturday.