Scrap scrounging

I found a 7.5 hp 3 phase most likely on a giant massive abrasive sander for metal… with a pump for coolant… crazy. Likely weighs over 1k lbs.

Crazyer? There is a turn of the century, hand painted and pin striped paper or metal shear on the other side of the yard. Yeah, it’s been out a bit and rusty… but daggone! That should be in a museum.

The collection of discarded motors in the main building looked to be un trustworthy, lots marked “Bad” or “burned out.”

Repairable and not crazy? A band saw. Looks like a shattered cover.

There is no end to the amount of fridges lined up.

Garden st or?

Ah, Brown County Recycling… Georgetown. It’ll be a bit of a drive for most, but if something really needs be scrounged, I can drive it in. Gonna have to wait for me to empty the trailer for the large sander though… just kidding, nobody wants a giant sander :slight_smile: