Scrap material

Hello all,

Jim D. and I dismantled the frame for ms. Pacman because it was taking too much space. The plan is to make the machine into a smaller table. If we can't accomplish this, Jim will take the machine home.

The table we were going to scrap, but we thought if someone wants to take apart and use any of the material there, we would give them some time to grab it.

Fronk found a hex like planter and he was wondering if anyone at the hive would like to do something cool with it. Its free game for anyone who might want it.

Finally, I'm disassembling two speakers, and the frame is fair game. Its relatively good wood if anyone wants to do something with it.

Attached pic has all the mentioned scrap materials. All materials will disappear during this Saturday cleanup, so if you are interested in anything, grab it now while its still dry!

No pic attached

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