scrap extruded aluminum

There is a 30-inch piece of 1’’ x 1’’ aluminum t-slot on the scrap rack in the metal room and I was wondering if that belongs to anybody in particular. It’s the exact legnth and width I need, so if anyone claims it I would be happy to buy it from them, or if it’s scrap I will put some cash in the pizza fund tonight for karma sake.


It’s been there a while. If someone doesn’t claim ownership, I remember Julien left some t-slot behind when he left – that may be part of it.

cool, thanks. If nobody claims it and he some day comes back looking for it, I’ll buy him a new one.

Well, I know it’s been sitting there for over a year. It may also be Ian Wilson’s. Julien moved back to France a few years ago, and Ian W – well, he was scarce even when he was an active member. I think your plan is safe, maybe give folks 24 hours though before cutting it in twain…


I have a piece on my shelf in the lower right hand corner of the front wall by the door. If tgey are the same grab whichever one you need and if dibs is called down the road we can figure it out. I am wont be down for the meeting tonight due to prep and spending time with the wife before surgery. This one is going to suck lol.

I did buy a tank from scott gross welding in evendale to have another tank that is the same brand and logged as owned through scott gross. It is just slight smaller cubic foot rsting than the argon hooked up to the tig right now. I spoke with them about trading out the big black tank as well for a “new” hydrostatic dated slightly more manageable tank in argon. They are going to be getting rid of retail spsce and are going over how tondo write offs on their end to donate to us :slight_smile: so hopefully good consumables will be coming our way.

I will likely be down 2 weeks from this surgery and plan on puttin open hours I will be down there building my delta printer and anyone who wants a crash course on the welders. I did buy a extra gas/gasless Lincoln pro mig that runs on 110v so once you are good to go on the miller and have a home project that cannot be transported let me know if you need to borrow it.

Sorry for not being around much, all of these stupid little surgeries have made it impossible to catch up in anything lol. However this surgery guarantees a whole bunch of take it easy time and no other procedures planned till after summer :slight_smile: then 3 surgeries to go and I should have a few year break from needing any :slight_smile:

I also am looking at selling 2 of my vehicles to pick up a full size truck with a crew cab and 4x4 if anyone knows someone selling. Hauling materials for stuff gas been a pain in the ass ever since somone totaled my ranger :confused: the wife thought 2 suvs would be just fine… I need a dang work truck again!