Scrap acrylic available.

There is some scrap acrylic that I brought in last night that is free to anyone. If no one wants any of it I will trash or chop it into small easy to store pieces by the Tuesday meeting.

It is 3/8” translucent white acrylic from a sign maker.

Awesome, Is there enough to make an enclosure for the 3d printers? Or at least make a wood box with acrylic door?

There are 25+ 4 ft by 6 ft sheets of gray acrylic at Hive for member use. It’s 0.128 in thick. Might not be the color you want, but it is free.


I will definitely be grabbing some for enclosures this weekend.

I’m going to grab a couple square feet for some small projects

Please do use it. It was brought in to be used. It looks like the white stuff has been moved over to the wood storage by the wood lathe. I will be cutting it down for better storage tonight after the meeting.

Alright, I’ll stop by at some point this evening and grab a couple pieces.