science program for Bloom County Library

Hello Hive!

So, you may know already, we have been contacted by Krista King to set up some science/tech sessions for teens at the main branch of the Bloom County Public Library (BCPL). Several of us volunteered for this, and it looks like it will happen.

Initially, this was going to be separate sessions on different days for robotics, soldering, biology, etc. However, Krista has suggested instead setting up everything on one day as a “micro maker faire” in the library conference room. This would probably be a Saturday, perhaps June 14.

So, pluses and minuses to this…possibly more organization headache, but we could recruit the membership of the Hive to help, and make it a nice event. Hopefully, we will already have some experience after running some science/DIY sessions at CPS in March.

So, what do the initial volunteers and Hive members in general think? I’d like to send an answer back to Krista by the end of the week.



This format works better for the learn to solder badges, because it is short, and only a few can do them at a time. Barring scheduling problems, I plan to be there doing that. Depending on the turnout, other instructors would be helpful, I’m sure.
This is now the longest email I have ever sent from my phone.