Saturday Oct 24 - Lets Make some Doors - A Hive13 Wood working project

This Saturday Hive13 is having a Make some Doors work party.

I’ll be there from 10:30 am to around 4 pm - Come join the crew to turn some of the shelves in the back of Hive13 into doors for the front of Hive13.
Please let us know if you can come by responding to this post.

We have hundreds of pine shelves and many 2x6’s which are free for us to use in projects. Maybe this will give you ideas about other things you can build with this FREE WOOD.

The first step is to dismantle some shelves. It will take at least two shelves to make one door. It’s a dirty job, but kinda fun to tear the shelves down. We’ll demonstrate the use of a pry bar and hammers to remove nails from wood. If you have leather work gloves, you may want to wear them for this job.

Once we have enough wood for a pair of doors, We’ll use the wood shop to turn the salvaged wood into doors for the back end of the wood shop.

Why the back end of the wood shop? Because it’s an OK place to do our prototype. Once we have one set done we can keep moving until we have all of the doorways covered. Who knows, we may get better at this door building business as we go along. Eventually we might even be as good as the Nomad Design guys on the first floor. (or not)

Depending on how much we get done, the next step is to frame the doorway and hang the doors. Door frames will be constructed from the 2x6’s. The doors will be hung from salvaged hinges.

Has there been any design work put in to this? Drawings that could be shared? We want to make sure that we make the place look nice, and if someone takes the time to do a nice design and make drawings for it, then different people could follow the plans and make them consistently over time.

It’s likely also a good idea to make sure we stick to standard door sizes and framing techniques. make sure the panels/slabs end up the same size as a standard door set.

I think the shelf wood would be better for making the frames than 2x6s, rip them to the width of the wall framing plus drywall on each side, then you can use door and window shims to get the opening to standard finish size, then rip some more for a nice faceplate on both sides. A narrow strip could also be ripped for the closure strip.