Saturday Neuro-hacking and Psych-hacking with Lorin


Letting people know that I will be bringing down some goodies to hack on Saturday.

EEG, EMG, EKG equipment.

I’ll be hooking up my 16 channel BCI, as well as a neurosky mindwave mobile (which belongs to a Prof. friend in neuroscience). I may be able to scare up some other instruments from the lab.

We need to hack the propietary systems so we can figure out if they are good enough for use in basic neuorscience and psych studies.

The goal is to crack through the BS and report back to Dr Vilinsky to make recommendations.

Members are welcome to join, and I HIGHLY recommend this to my slacker students who should show up and give this a shot.

If enough people show up, we can also try to start the POC on a kinnect based motion capture and scanning system with high resolution and frame rate. This is possible, and capable of 100’s of times the normal resolution by using polarizing filters and combining multiple kinnects.

This is free-form, and members & UC only. My public “open hack” days have been bringing in lots of prospective members lately, but it’s too hard to focus when giving tours and teaching newbs every 10 minutes :).


Sounds cool. What time will it start?

About 1pm or so.

I have commitments from 12-6:30. Still interested in working with your kinects. Will they be around when you’re finished? Saturday night or Sunday?