Saturday July 11th

Anyone going to be at the space anytime from 1-5? I am about ready to
get in the process of getting over there to work on the MAME cabinets
and play w/ some train stuff. Please call our cell at 550-8773 if you
are going to be there, or if you feel like letting me know several
people are already there. Thanks a million, it's kind of hard to
determine if the space is open sometimes T_T, can't wait till the lock
system is in place.


P.S. I need some numbers, couldn't find a page w/ any cells on it. T_T

A private members-only page with contact information on it would be a good idea, I think. One more thing to add to the site work list…

i have a google voice account that isn't currently doing anything, i
think i can set it up to ring the cells of the various key holders,
might that work as a stopgap until we get the keypad installed?