Saturday Hive Events: Lifting help needed @ 10AM, Networking party TBD.

There's a lot going on at the Hive this weekend, and help is needed!

First off, PlayerTwo's taking out the box truck this weekend to pick
up some goodies for the Hive, and he needs some serious manpower to
help muscle things around. PlayerTwo is picking up another vending
machine from Northside, and Kibitz is generously donating a stove to
the hive. We'll need help both loading and unloading - if you'd like
to help, plan on being at the Hive at 10AM.

Secondly, the networking party is a go. I will have the final time set
tomorrow when Eric gets back to me about his house hunting, but it
will start no later than 4PM. We're planning to get the new rack Karl
donated set up with the switches Larry and Starbuck donated, get the
patch panel punched down, and get wires run to 24 to 30 jacks within
the space to be used for projects. We don't need as much grunt labor
for this one, but more hands will make easier work (and a more fun
time). We're planning to get Adriatico's pizza and BYOB.

Quick note on this: my participation on Saturday morning may be in
jeopardy. I may have family inbound and visiting that day. At the
moment, it's being discussed on the other end... I'll update here just
as soon as I know one way or the other.


FYI: The wife is working until ~2pm on Saturday, and I have to watch
the kids. So I can help with the loading of the truck, but if it's
before Shannon gets home, I won't be able to help unload at the Hive.

Okay, just heard from the folks: they're not coming this weekend so
I've been re-instated for Saturday morning duties.


The Networking Party is going to be set to start at 5:30PM tomorrow at the Hive. Eric, our cable ninja, has appointments all day looking at houses, so he won’t be able to come in before then. This sort of works out in our favor anyway, since it’ll be a lot cooler up in the rafters at that time than it would be at noon…

If you’re planning to attend, please reply so we can get a rough head count of who’s going to be there. We’re planning on getting Adriatico’s and knowing how many are coming will be useful for that. :slight_smile:

We do need some tools, Eric’s tools are still at his former employer’s shop and he won’t have a chance to grab them before the party:

Electrical tape, couple of rolls.
Punch-down tools.
Snips for cutting wire with.

Multiples of each will be handy, of course. Also, we need RJ45 plugs - to make the patch cables with. If you have any lying around, please bring them!


I have punch-down tools, crimpers, and other misc tools. Time
permitting I'll buy and donate a bag of RJ45 plugs.

I already donated a bag of rj45 end when the Hive first opened…now to find them again :slight_smile:

More plugs are alway nice tho

i will be there. i have a crimper and some snips, but no punchdown tool.

I will not be able to be there at 1700, my plan was to be there at noon. If there will be nothing to do at noon, then I will not bother to show up then either.

I’m going to be there somewhere between 10am and noon like the original plan. I’m still going to help player2 and whoever else move things as well as work on the mame cabinets.


I'm also planning on coming over sometime before noon and helping out
with whatever is going on throughout the day. I have other errands to
run so I may be in and out at various times. I don't know if I will
be able to stay much past 6 or so.

Will there be other networking jobs that can be worked on before Eric
The Ninja gets there? Like getting the rack in place, cleaning,
setting up servers, etc?


I believe the location of the switches/cable management/patch
panels/etc has yet to really be locked down and bolted to the rack. If
nothing else, that could be handled before the ninja arrives.

Also, all the stuff on the floor in the networking corner could be
moved to under the table across the room...

I can come in and start running cable, I just need know the number and location for t
he drops.

I don't know if Vendy had these in a doc, or if they were just written down...

They’re written down on a large piece of paper that I have. I’m planning to be at the space at 10AM so I can definitely walk around and start marking locations and make the final decisions about where we’re going to leave service loops, etc…

The rack needs to be set up, I know Starbuck is bringing in another switch to go with the one we already have, and we need to move the patch panel and cable management stuff into place in the rack as well. The switch that Larry gave us needs to be configured, at least roughly for now until we need a fancier config with a lab environment being built alongside it. We also need to create ~30 patch cables to plug everything in with.

Karl, sorry about the last minute time announcement - Eric didn’t know until just before I emailed the list when he would be available. I’ll work on getting the final stuff laid out so we can get some of the work done before Eric comes in to assist with the longer runs and getting runs into odd places like the dirty room…


There's also this:


You should all know by now that there is a wiki for everything. (You
rock, Dave!)

I'll be showing up in the afternoon sometime before 5:30. I'll
scrounge around and see what spare tools I have.

Based on the feedback so far, we're going to work on the network
throughout the day as people are here. 5:30 seems to be too late for a
lot of people. We'll still plan on a pizza and beer run late in the
afternoon though.


I am fixing my lunch now, I will probably be there ~1:20 pmish.