Saturday Cleanup, Potluck, and Game Night All rolled into one!

Hi, Everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick.)

Not this coming Saturday, but the sixth of January, we’ll have a Clean-up in the afternoon - let’s say at 2 - and then that evening, we’ll do a potluck and game night. This’ll give members who can’t show up on Tuesday nights a chance to attend a potluck.

The theme for the potluck will be “Foods with Vowels in their Names”. I’m bringing Skyline Chili Dip, which qualifies with several vowels. I might also bring a pistachio cake.
The theme for the clean-up will be organization. Try and get stuff in its proper place, creating one if one doesn’t exist.
The theme for game night will be decided later. Bring any game you want. Even two- or three-person games are fine. Don’t bring Monopoly. Monopoly destroys friendships.

Non-members lurking on here? Show up for the game night/potluck. Meet Hive people.


Sounds awesome and hopefully it will be a date the wife and I can attend. She is sleeping right now and will see this message tomorrow as I do not know the changes she made to her schedule. If we can or can not make it would there be a interests in getting a weekend cleanup and make a thon / hack a thon setup in mid january? If we get a decent amount of members down the skill set increases ten fold, thus a projects people might be stuck on could use mutual assistance from each other to forward projects. It may be a good time to dig through the delta printer parts and come up with a good inventory sheet to even making the bracket to bottom weight the new tool box to take away the tipsy drunken problem it has lol. I have some flat steel and old shooting targets that can be welded drilled and mounted in the pattern of the bottom casters mounts to also frame them in to support each other. Any whee I do not want to list 101 projects I need to finish for my house before the next surgery lmao however the combo Mahe a thon days that Lorin, Brad, and Ryan would get going if my memory served me correctly were a ton of fun and new members used it as a time to meet and greet.

Before I forget the head guys from the fitness gym downstairs have been talking with me and wanted to throw a major thank you out to the person that le them in to retrieve the wrestling/ cage/ and boxing shoes I found in the gutter at the meeting. The also asked if the could come up and meet the hive members and see how the place has progressed as its been 7 years he thought since seeing our makerspace, thus has no idea of our capabilities now. So vice versa anyone interested in workout gear they offer and might might want to increase the definition of “hand tight” we might be able to work something out that helps both groups. I did ask if the needed any metal working repairs or fab of which they are figuring out and I would do it as a favor from the hive to them (no money exchange except for consumables if needed). It also would not hurt to have others “look out” for shady things going on, things accidently dropped while getting in vehicles, etc as something labeled raspberry pi however when opened may look like bomb making equipment or something that looks like bomb making equipment.

Sorry for grammar and spelling errors, the first round of sleeping med wore off quick and am waiting for the next to kick in. Thank you greg for getting this scheduled and if any extra crock pots are needed We have some of the 3 pot serving stations as well as single units. I hope all is going well for everyone and that all had a safe holidays :slight_smile:


I’ll have a variety of games that range from 4 to A LOT.
I’ll try to make sure that Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is functional on my laptop as well.


I am hoping to make it down… I have a big home project on my hands as i had pipes freeze and break. The builder ran my drainlines from the master bath through an uninsuilated garage to take a short cut. (Insert expletives here) ice breaking through drywall into a packed garge is no good. I may try to put the torpedo heaters in the garage and vent the house well so i dont pass out to thaw things lol although katie is not fond of that plan.

I am gonna try and make it, and bring a good load of board games. Also the Retro Pie set up I got.
Kevin I have some of the space heaters if you need them

Not sure if we will make it, but if we do we will bring some smoked pork!

I’ll try to make it down for the cleanup through the game night, and I’ll see about bringing a lemon bar desert item.

Tim W.

I can definitely help out, might be a lil late though - arnd 3p. And will try to bring some muffins


I’ll bring a pot of chili

My dad, katie, and I will be down sometime saturday. Lol ww will have a crock pot of meat BALLS, burbon WIENER SAUSAGES, and HANKY PANKY AT MINIMUM. What time are things kicking off as well as you thinking for food to show / be ready. We are going to be working on my frozen pipe issues. Lol I may bring more like the thanksgiving cheesy corn or hasbrown casserole however it all depends on time.

I’m terribly sorry but it looks like I can’t make it because I’m starting to feel awful. Not sure if it is just something I ate, or if it is something I fear spreading. In which case, I am sure you don’t want my germs down there anyway.


Hope you feel better.
I’m still in FL with my parents.
Not as cold as Cinci but not as warm as it should be.

sorry im not up for it today. hope to be down soon to use the new tig welder.