Saturday Cleanup - 2014-03-15

Third Saturday is nearly upon us. As usual, we’ll be at the space Saturday afternoon (1P-4P officially) performing general cleanup and organization work.

I hope for this weekend to be particularly productive, as the arrival of the palette racks has created significant new storage capacity. The overarching goal for this weekend is to make the main area presentable for brochure photography the following week.

If anyone has time to come down, your fellow Hivers would greatly appreciate the assistance.

Just a reminder to all that this is tomorrow!

It would be awesome for people (especially those who use the space a lot) to come down and help the handful of people who regularly clean up after everyone else.

We are trying to get the space cleaned up for pictures for the brochure (and because it makes the space easier for everyone to use) so come help out tomorrow!

Who does the turkey fryer/burner down here at theHive belong to? is it the Hive’s? Is there a better place to store it than next to the door?


I think its Dave bs?

The burner is mine. The turkey fryer pot is someone else’s. I can take the burner home. It was brought down so people could use it.