Saturday Cleanup - 2013-10-26

With Maker Faire taking priority over the regularly scheduled 3rd Saturday Cleanup this month, the Hive has fallen into greater disarray than usual. Going two full months between cleaning days seems like a horrifying prospect, so I’ll be at the space on Saturday the 26th attempting to tidy up.

I’m a later riser than many, so I’ll be there after lunch. Figure 1p-4p. If anyone has time to come down and assist, I and your fellow Hivers would greatly appreciate it.

This also means that the space will be open during the scheduled time for the Effecthive Javascript class, if anyone was interested in coming down for that. I won’t be able to take over the class long term, but I do maintain access to a large collection of relevant learning materials and could provide at least some guidance to beginning developers.

Added the event to the calendar.