Saturday Clean up Noon-4:00

June 29th, please come help out!

Today is clean up day at the Hive. 12-4

Come down and help get the place less Mad Max and more Mythbusters. :grin:

Any help is appreciated.
Free nerd talk. :nerd_face:
Stay after and chill.

Thanks Brad, Will, Greg, Ryan, Nancy, Scott, and Jeff for helping out with the Saturday Clean this month! This month was almost as much Hive improvements as cleaning, the 3D printing area is vastly improved, our wood shop rear bench is now more usable with the radial arm saw removed and the new miter saw installed in it's place. The dust collector for the drum sander is now also set up so the blast gate won't always be in the way. We made good progress on getting the now outdoor sign ready to hang, and the kitchen has a new safe stove from the reuse store!

Thanks everyone!