Saturday Clean-up March 16th

Hi everyone,

Saturday, March 16th starting at 2:00 P.M. will be our next clean-up. Last time, we had four people show up, which was abysmal.

As always, we’ll play some games afterwards.

March madness Beer pong on the new work tables? Lol

I'm not mad at the idea

Bumping for visibility.

Also fine with the beer pong idea.

Another bump. It’s this weekend.

Howdy Laser Users and Wanna-be laser experts.
This Clean up Saturday at 2 pm we need you all to help CLEAN the Big Laser.
It’s a great chance to see under the covers while we clean the laser’s innards, mirrors and lenses. At the end, you get trained to align the mirrors.

See you Saturday!


I’ll do my best to make it for a while but can’t promise. I’ll be at hour 43 of a 48 hour fast if you think you can handle being around me :wink: