Due to the advent of having a welder machine and soon a huge CNC. Have we thought of looking into acquire a SANDBLASTER.

I am sure a sandblaster with help a lot welding projects.


There already is a sandblaster @ the Hive. It requires some work to be operational:

  • Plexiglass lid // window requires replacement (current one is scratched by blasting medium to hell & back.)
  • This will also require some foam sealing tape, and we should get the stick-on sacrificial plastic covers for the inside of the window.- Needs a moisture trap for the air line
  • A coupler between a shop-vac and the vent port on the sand blaster needs to be fabricated. (a cardboard tube & duct tape has worked for this n the past)
  • Requires blasting media
    Not counting blasting media, all told it would probably take ~$50 or so to get the sand blaster operational. When it is operational, it should be confined to the dirty room w/ the vent fan running & a dust mask, because even w/ a shop-vac running on the filtered vent port, fine blasting particulate will make it into the air.

On a side note, this will also require that the air compressor tank is replaced (which I have in the works).

On a further side note, sand blasting requires a lot of air flow at a decent pressure. The current air compressor @ the hive will give you ~15 minutes of good sand blasting before you need to let the tank refill.


Thanks a lot

I looked at the wiki under the tool section and didn’t see it listed there so the reason for my inquire. Its nice to know we are only about $50 away from an operational blaster

Thanks again


Aha, good point. I will work on creating a project // tool page for it on the wiki so we can document its status & what needs to be done for it.