Ryan I think I fixed my "Fusion 360 and GCode" problem


As I mentioned Tuesday after the great Typewriter presentation,
I could get Fusion to run a simulation of the toolpaths in a project/file/body/component or whatever Fusion calls it,
but I couldn’t get Fusion to spit out a GCode text file.

I could save the “thingie” as an STL and use this to make GCode in VCarve, but not in Fusion.

After fishing through some emails on the Fusion website, I found out two things.

1.) the Mach3 post processor won’t accept any change in the (blue) Z axis orientation.
That is, one must build ones “thingie” with the face to be CNC’d facing in the +Z direction.
It won’t even allow for changing the mill orientation to match the face of the model.
The model must be built with with the to-be-machined face pointed in the +Z direction.

2.) One also cannot get around this by re-orienting a closed/finished model to a the correct Z axis.
(Also, apparently the software is built so that this is almost impossible, anyway.)
Again, the model must be built with with the to-be-machined face pointed in the +Z direction.

Once I got that info, I got Fusion to spit out Mach3 postprocessor GCode.

Things are OK at present, but thanks for the offer.

We’re all fine here, now.

How are you?


I’ve gotten some nice results with Fusion360

Be sure to look at the beginning of the G-code it spits out. It can write in some homing operations that our big CNC does not like.

If you’re homing Z yourself, I’d chose not to use the G28 X Y Z instruction.

I’d remove other options in GCode you don’t need.

Finally, in the initial moves of the machine be ready to E-Stop it. Removing G28 sequence should correct this, but the post processor will sometimes write a code to take the head up until it hits the top Z endstop (oops – we don’t have one).

This is all because Fusion exists to plug and play with turnkey machine systems. That’s how they make their money, by optimizing for a specific brand and encouraging people to buy it, etc. However we have a homebrew machine.

Here’s a screenshot

Screenshot (1).png


Thanks for the heads up on G28.

How do I get cleared to use our CNC router?

Right now I’m using the one at another facility, with Vectric VCarve.
VCarve doesn’t do 3D modeling (Aspire does, for a pretty penny)
so I need to use Sketchup (or Fusioin) and save an STL for VCarve.

I haven’t tried using the Mach3 GCode from Fusion yet.


I’m down at the Hive quite a bit and can certify you when ever you are available. You actually gave me my first CNC class at the Manufactory. Our machine isn’t a lot different, I think our cutting area is a little wider, theirs is a little more ridged and I’m guessing their spindle is also larger. As far as 3D goes you will have to use Fusion to generate your gcode. I don’t believe you can import a STL into V-carve and do true 3D machining. I think you will have to use Fusion 360 or CamBam to do this.



I’m happy to help too. I’m doing an open workshop this Saturday noon-6pm (you can come then).

Coy has spent many more hours on the CNC than I have, but I’m rather fluent in the Autodesk software. I use fusion360 or Inventor & HSM for most of my projects (the latter are covered by my employer). Most of my work on our CNC at Hive has been 2D or 2.5D, but regardless, I’m happy to help with the autodesk software angle.



Glad to hear the CNC class helped!

Thanks for the invite. I’ll get out there one of these days!

I can show you a couple details in the VCarve software, but you’re not going to like it!

(no, the answer is not 42…)


Thanks for the info. Somehow I missed that aspect of the announcement on Tues.

I will try to get out there Sat before 18:00!


Thanks for your assistance on Sat.



Thanks for your help with Fusion on Sat, and the intro to the CNC router.

I did find the CAD/SETUP menu, and got it to change some Z axes, so that’s a step up for me!



Sorry we didn’t connect this past Sat, re: the CNC router.

When are you around the Hive? My schedule is pretty flexible during the week. AMs are better, if that helps.



I’m here right now, will probably go somewhere for lunch and leave at 3. I will also be here tomorrow.

I will (also) try to come by midday Tues. to get a handle on running the CNC router
if there is time between projects!