Rock band CMTK 4 returns to HIVE13 Thursday March 10 for circuit bending workshop

Attention budding circuit benders in the Cincinnati area!

Zach Adams, Austin Cliffe, and Jeff Cox, a.k.a. the Chicago-area rock
band CMKT 4 will be coming back through Cincinnati to teach a circuit-
bending workshop at HIVE13 on Thursday, March 10.

Many will remember their last tour and circuit-bending workshop with
DIY Contact Microphone kits.

For the new workshop, they will feature a simple tool, a Bending
Buddy, that will help everyone learn how to solder, drill plastic and
mount components. This device will aide in the exploration of
circuits. CMKT 4 will also provide a broad overview of topics that
includes basic pitch bends and types of potentiometers, several ways
to wire an audio output, other types of bends (distortions, glitches),
types of bendable toys, reading schematics, and working with ICs,
breadboarding, and prototyping. People are encouraged to bring
projects in-progress or any problem-projects to share/brainstorm.
Students would come away with a circuit-bending tool, a basic
understanding of circuit bending, and some ideas about how to further
control their toys with external circuitry. These guys will also have
some helpful components available a la carte.

As with the previous workshop, CMTK 4 will include a short performance
of pure circuit-bending after the workshop.

More details and publicity to follow...


This is awesome! I put it on the calendar, but I wasn’t sure what to put as the start time.

Jim, remind me at the meeting next week or sometime in between now and then and I you and I can work on the blog post and the eventbrite.



I don’t have a CMKT 4 time on Thursday March 10 yet, but presume something after the work day like 6:30pm. I’ll check with them…

Also, I need your help to start on the following:
(1) Making blog posts and eventbrites for this CMKT 4 event and other events in general
(2) My offer to start teaching a regular series of open-agenda SHOP 101 certification classes on Tuesday nights after the business meeting. Maybe having an open advance registration/reservation request capability with a check-box for machine of interest?

  • Required class fee goes to that machine account consumable shop supplies
  • Focus on any given machine (table saw, band saw, etc.) on any given Tuesday
  • You could do the same type check-out class for the Makerbot
  • Provide informal advice on usage techniques for specific project objectives
  • Taking and passing the class gets you on the list of certified machine users
    (3) Also I’d like to start to add a website/wiki main page link and text for a HIVE SHOP and EQUIPMENT DONATION page/area.
    (4) It’s a bit too soon, but having a sign-up reservation calendar/schedule page for each shop machine would be nice at some point down-the-road. If someone wanted to haul in project materials and use a particular machine at a particular time it would be nice to have some way to be able to reserve the time slot and have first dibs.

Dialog here, contact me off-list, and/or we all can talk on Tuesday night.


I can setup the eventbrite for the CMKT4 event (especially if they are using it to take money)

I think having classes after the meeting on Tues would be good for members who want to learn the equipment. Those classes should cost (except for maybe supplies) Because they are cert classes meant for members to use equipment included in their membership.

If you want to hold a public class I would suggest doing it on non tuesdays w/ eventbrite so you can get paid and it’s easier to control who is in the class then.

I can totally do online tool request forms. I’ve been doing a lot of work recently with google apps and google scripts (that’s how the tax receipts where made). The info from the form coul then be publish to a sites page or something. Or of course we could just print out a sheet of paper and have ppl sign up :slight_smile:


I meant it should not cost for members… I blame laggy gmail + chrome…boo :slight_smile: I restarted chrome and now I can type much better. All new typing errors are because I’m retarded. :slight_smile: