Rising Lan Party

This will be the first Lan party held under the name of Planet Lan
It. While I've held a handful of Lan parties before never have I made
them public like this.

First off the W's

Who: up to 32 registered gamers and open to all others if space is
available. (space is not guaranteed)
What: Rising Lan hosted by Planet Lan It
Where: Hive13
When: May 21st, gamers play from 6pm Saturday - > 10am Sunday and
Planet Lan It staff set up at 4pm and tear down at 10am

Admission: Free
Games: Team fortress 2 && Left for dead 2
A bring your own computer, games, and peripherals
restrictions: No alcohol, No speakers (headphones only)

Planet Lan It staff count is currently at 8 people not including
the staff will be there to look over the event to ensure 1) All of
hive13 projects and tools are safe 2) all attendee's equipment is safe
for when they go get food or anything else 3) help setup/tear down
4)help keep track of attendance incl registered and non-registered

food will be impromptu. I planned to make a call for chip in and just
get adriaticos. I do expect some people to go to the near by food

Other details:
There will be a server provided by a Planet Lan It member. Tabling
will be rented from a local company. We will be using the chairs
already at Hive13. Bawls and Roxx sponsorships has obtained us a few
small goodies. Roxx will also be selling Bawls and will have a staff
member of theirs who is also a part of Planet Lan It staff manage
Pictures and some video will also be taken at the event which is
available to Planet Lan It and Hive13 for use

the Planet Lan it website is www.planetlanit.org

unfortunately we are experience an issue with our web host so for
registrations I am directing people to contact our gmail account:
planetlanit@gmail.com and the admins will be inputting registrations
directly as soon as the web host gets back up and running

Fantastic. Thanks for the update!

website is back up and running. Registrations are now open, but again
if the website goes down just use planetlanit@gmail.com