RIP Soda machine TV

The soda machine was opened to see what was wrong with it since it kept stealing people’s money.

Apparently the tv has been moving around and fell down since it was resting on the door. I guess that is why the soda machine had “don’t set anything on top of this machine” written on it…

It still kind of works, but I expect it to fully die very soon when the liquid crystals leak out.


2015-12-29 19.04.39.jpg

Farewell, poor television. We hardly watched ye.

50cent pop causes demise of multiple hundred dollar tv. totally hive style.

Behold the power of carbonated beverages!


That monster took $1 from me today. :flushed:

Maybe we should put all the money that the soda machine stole forwards a new TV? Unless that was exactly what the soda machine wanted this whole time. In which case we should give the soda machine what it wants so it will continue to provide us with liquid caffeinated sustenance.

I think this is a sign that we need a juice bar! Wheatgrass spirulina pineapple anyone?

Sure a “juice” bar could be fun.
We could disable all the power tools and say juice=beer.

Brad, we have a brewing equipment in some cabinets in the kitchen at the hive last I checked - not sure it’s complete. Go for it.

Tiff and I had a homebrew-serving minifridge set up at the hive in the past. It had taps for 2x5gallon kegs. We took the taps home over a year ago because:

-With little Ollie arriving, we weren’t making it to the hive often enough to check/maintain it

-People were drinking but not donating towards ingredients for the next batch

-Someone unplugged it, resulting in a smelly/skunky fridge

However, if there’s interest, I’m up for giving it another try! I think the fridge is still there. We could do a brew day in the hive kitchen and go from there.