Rick's Electric Bike For Sale

Some of you may remember Rick Norris building his electric bike @ the hackerspace, well it is for sale now for $1200. Rick was using the bike to commute to work however he recently changed jobs and the commute is beyond the range of the bike. The bike is street legal and insurable.

All told the parts for the bike new cost over $3000, if you just look up buying the parts individually used off ebay you will still probably end up spending over $1200.

Everything is included, bike frame with Clean Ohio title, 24v-72v motor 19hp max, motor controller(48v only), 72v-24v inverter to 12v (for lights/horn), batteries & 48v charger. One of the batteries has developed a leak so whoever buys this will probably need to replace that(First link I found).

If you are interested for more details contact Rick @ rocketfish69@gmail.com

Gallery of pictures courtesy of Hodapp: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hodapple/sets/72157629855005178

Attached are some additional photos.