ribbon cable/connector assemblies from LED Glass Block project?

ChrisD and/or ?

What was your make/buy source for the multiple ribbon cable/connector
assemblies you used on the LED Glass Block project?

We will have a similar need for the sonic sensors and LED sets on the
Galileo finger project and I'm looking for leads (no pun intended) as
to a good source.


The ribbon cables they bought specifically go with the LEDs the bought from macetech. You can see the options here (listed an x" 6 conductor ribbons): http://macetech.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3&zenid=e3a090355d3964814fd018ec8077b2c5


Thanks for the reply. Galileo is looking for something a bit more
flexible. We'll want a 7 (or 8) wire option for the sonic sensors and
a 4-wire option at lengths to be determined terminating in either male
and/or female in-line and board mount connectors. We can strip
surplus 25-wire PC ribbon cable down to 7-wire or 4-wire lengths, but
are looking for a good connector recommendation for Mouser or Digikey
type connector options.


I bought a whole bunch of 40 pin push-on connectors from digikey. I
can help you find what you need at the next meeting. I need to do
another digikey order soon anyways.
-Dave B.