RFID readers and door controllers


Grant has asked if we could extend our RFID system to the exterior doors of the space. Garden Street would pay us for the installation and maintenance of the readers, along with allowing us to install a reader on the South Entrance — the grey door that all of use to enter the space. They are primarily interested in getting the Mustard door on the west side of the building done, but, as part of the deal, I am pushing to allow us to integrate the South door (the one facing the street) as well.

I know that for the door reader 2.0 I had wanted to integrate Bluetooth, a Barcode Scanner, and an in/out reader for our space. Can anyone else think of anything that would be beneficial for us to have on the readers?

Thoughts/ideas are welcomed.



I would still at some point like to see NFC integration, but Bluetooth will have to do for now. :stuck_out_tongue: How were you planning on coding the Bluetooth support? I’m curious as to how you would use it as an authentication token.

I would definitely agree with NFC. I keep forgetting my card and NFC would make my life so much easier!

So would you have it as a ‘Anchor Building’ sticker that is stuck to something else, then? Like your cellphone? I just did a quick readup on them and it sounds like something that could also be programmed for temporary access, like for a contracter working on one of the spaces… I’m not sure that’s something you’d want to constantly be doing, though.

An added bonus, I think it would be good PR for us with the other people in the building, As well as Garden Street.

oops one more thing (re-reading original post) We talked about cameras before… Would it make sense to have a camera take a picture when a door card/tag is used? so you know how many people came IN with the card?