RFID Project Update

I’m going to probably be late coming in tonight, so, I don’t think I’ll be able to make the meeting (afterwards, maybe – say 8:00ish), but, I wanted to share with everyone an update on the RFID Project:


Parts are ordered, and we should have them next week to tinker with.


I’ve ordered a sparkfun RFID reader, a Raspberry Pi, an RFID module along with ten cards to experiment with, along with a Schlage lockset that is identical to the one that we have installed at the hive. In experimenting with the Schlage Lockset, I’ve discovered that the lock enable/disable switch (that enables the clutch that pulls the latch back) is just a simple microswitch. The easiest implementation in terms of interfacing with our current hardware would be to modify the lock so that the Raspberry pi closes the circuit and the clutch engages.

I’ve got a Door Strike ordered, but, it’s coming from China (double ugh), so it might not be in until sometime after Mid-February.

If anyone has any questions, or needs clarification, please let me know.