RFID Door Project


The RFID door project is now in ‘beta’ mode.

If you’d like to test it, please let me know.

A few caveats:

1.) The default door open time is 10 seconds – I might trim this value down to sense the door opening with a timeout at ten seconds.
2.) I need to run and get a pull-up resistor for the buzzer on the RFID reader. Currently it does beep to indicate a good read, but, I want to have a series of beeps to go along with the Green LED beint displayed on the RFID reader.
3.) There are NO indication lights on the keypad that the door is unlocked. The green LED is your only indication.

Right now, it fails safe – if the RFID reader loses power, the door opens. This is…undesired, and I am going to address this on the next update of my arduino code.

Also, If anyone would like to help me in cleaning up the rat’s nest of cables and help me make a case worthy of mounting over our door, I’m all for any assistance I can get with the ‘look and feel’ portion of this project.

I have a few more RFID readers coming shortly, so we can expand this to the other things in the hive.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



You can probably find #2. What size resistor you need? Wattage?

Thanks for your work on this!


I’m actually working on this some more today.

Goals for today include:

  • Failing Secure versus failing safe in the event of a power outage
  • Pull up resistor for the buzzer
  • Using the Door’s magnet to automatically release the hold-open event when the door is opened.

Please use caution when opening the door – I’ve been working/developing from the the little hutch that’s near there.


The work for today has been completed.

→ The door now fails secure versus failing safe (open).
→ The red and green light now blinks (as well as the buzzer beeps) when access has been granted. A delay now happens so that the door does unlock before giving you the signal that it’s ok to enter.

→ When you present an invalid card, the system buzzes for 5 seconds to let you know that you do not have access.
→ Once you open the door, the system resets itself so that the next badge can be presented.

I’ll be at the hive until 4:30ish/5:00ish working on something else – if you’d like to test it out, feel free to show up!


I assume the old keypad works too for the time being?
Nice work Ian!


Correct – I have no plans to disable the keypad access.

I’m working on the backend site tonight – my goal is to be able to check into the hive automatically when you swipe your RFID tag on the reader, along with Facebook or twitter updates. I’ll also add support for the hive IRC channel, MPD server, and custom http:// get command if I have enough time.

Right now there are 4 members who have RFID access. I think I have five cards left, however, I’m ordering parts for the Soda Machine RFID rollout tonight and tomorrow, so I’ll just order new ones.

I’ve also updated the Hive wiki with information about the project – just in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow.


Ian (and team):

On behalf of the rest of us at the HIVE, let me say THANKS and GREAT
JOB. We'll have to step up our game to implement new procedures to
take advantage of this new infrastructure. Let's talk at tonight's