RFID Access

I’m looking to start/restart the RFID access/opendoor project. I was told on Saturday that we already have some materials for 13.56 MIFARE tag reading, but we were unable to trace it down. I’ll be at the meeting tonight - does anyone know where this stuff is? Otherwise, I have a bunch of off the shelf stuff from sparkfun to at least get started.

I also did some research into the opendoor hackathon. There were some entries, but there doesn’t appear to be a central database for this anywhere, to allow inter-hackerspace operability. Maybe we can be on the forefront of that.

If you’re interested in helping and/or reading about the project, check out the RFID Access project on the wiki. Comments welcome!

-James Stoneburner

James, I'd like to help out and sponsor this project in any way I can.
I need to have a door access control installed and working by Feb 1.
I've already purchased an Arduino and Ethernet Shield, and I'm
starting to learn to program the Arduino. Your project description
matches almost exactly with my requirements, even though I haven't put
them down formally yet.

However, I really need someone who can do the hardware engineering
side of this--I don't have an electronics background.

I wanted to do this using MiFARE, but I figure plain non-authenticated
125khz RFID will be more likely to be done in time. I purchased a HID
clock+data prox reader and got MiFARE+RFID cards. (I figured clock
+data would be easier than Weigand.)

I have a shop with a few developers and a couple designers, so I can
put together the database and front-end of this quickly. We've already
started to design the data model and backend, and I'm working to write
functional requirements for the network interface of the door

Give me a call if you want to discuss further.

Robin Daugherty