RFC/Summary of the Discussion about Sheet Good Storage

I’d like to encapsulate some of the discussion around the horizontal/flat/sheet good storage that occurred as part of that vote. I’m mainly writing down what I remember were some of the agreed upon points, please feel free to correct me, or make other suggestions.

  1. This is to be under the administration of the woodshop warden (unless Brad wants to volunteer as the CNC warden)
  2. There will be a series of slots to be marked and administrated on the wiki in a manner similar to the temporary project storage
  3. This is to also be temporary project storage, renewed on a quarterly basis
  4. This is to be open to all members as a benefit of membership, and will not require any additional fees
  5. This is to be in addition to the temporary project storage, such that a member could claim both sheet good storage and temporary project storage
  6. It will be done over the entrance to the lounge, using the uprights from the member storage in the woodshop, which will be rebuilt, since the member storage in the woodshop is 8’ 6". In the future this might move/also be built into the annex space.

Open questions:

  1. It’s not clear yet how many slots we will have
  2. If we run out of room, and go to a waiting list, then it seems fair to force people to pick either temporary project storage, or sheet good storage
  3. If we take apart the woodshop storage, what should we do about the current member storage boxes? Should we ask politely, or just move them in and back into the newly rebuild shelves?

Am I missing anything, or is there anything else people would like to add to the discussion?

Bump. Also still not clear if it’s okay to move membership boxes without waiting a long period of time, and trying multiple times to contact the owners.

Ehhhh this would likely be best brought up at the meeting. I dono on this one