RFC - Smelting





Do we have a want?

Do we have a need?

Do we have a use?

Just looking for input.



I’ve done jewelry casting. Always used gas.

If you want to do anything more complex than some small lost wax jewelry or toy soldiers, DIY hits serious limitations. It also gets pretty dangerous and very difficult to contain when dealing with > an ounce or two of metal.


I definitely see some risks, not doubting that. I did imagine that the induction if enclosed properly would be safer (might be way wrong).

The reason I liked the idea was for say recycling say aluminum, copper, etc and making (small) bars of the materials which could be possibly later used for casting or machining. I wasn’t really thinking about anything outside of that at first.

There are several trash can foundries laying around the hive, there maybe one induction could foundry as well. All are in questionable state at best from the looks of them. I would be willing to play with some of it, but it should all be done outside.

Just to reiterate. It should all be done outside.


We don't have anywhere safe for mishaps at 1600 degrees.

I would like to cast bronze again if anyone knows of any foundry studios in the area.

There are a couple used induction heaters for sale at HGR.

That’s worrisome. I’m not anxious to see what might happen if the molten material eats through the floor into the space below. Also it seems that this requires a 30-50A circuit, and with outside, means a VERY long extension cord.

I was thinking of using something similar or higher rated than this


I have a unit I built that works outdoors , need propane to start and pre heat the oil line, then switches to waste cooking oils and motor oil… it will melt down a aluminum car cylinder head :slight_smile: leaving behind just the non aluminum parts.