ReUse-apalooza 2018

The Building Value person has asked if we would be interested in doing Power Tool Drag Racing again. I think that was the last time we fired up the setup before we retired it.

Hi Brad,

I hope you and your crew are up for another go at our event. The date is Friday, May 18th. Hopefully bigger and better and dryer than 2017.

Please let me know. Everybody loved it and wants you back!

David C. Rich


Building Value, LLC

I enjoyed doing it last year but I think we only had a few of our folks show up so it ended up being a lot of work for Russell and I.

I’m open to doing it again if we can get enough people. Is everything still working? I think I saw Ryan working on the display boards at the last meeting.


Maybe we should think about a less intensive successor to PTDR. There are plenty of entertaining maker “spectacles” that don’t involve so much intensive setup.

Also, what about getting together a Hive team to participate in the re-purposing / making / art / design this year?

It’s a good cause and we have some talented folks. We could put a team or teams together to represent Hive.


Looks like we might have enough interest to try and run PTDR at the ReUseApalooza on May 18th (a Friday evening).

This is a local non-profit that salvages stuff from houses before demolition. They train people to do the work and then enable them to get jobs.
This event is their yearly fundraiser. They have good food and various activities. At the end of the event they auction off some cool art made from things they salvaged from the year. It is a pretty fun event with an interesting mix of people. (I may or may not have gotten a few free beers during the event).

Here is a link to the event webpage.

Some pics from the event on their Facebook page:

We will need to setup the PTDR, run the event, and then tear down the gear. They will be providing a truck and some loading/unloading help.
I see the setup from 9:30am till 6:30pm Friday May 18th; load the gear onto the truck, unload the truck, assemble the track.
Run the event from 7:00-11:00.
Tear down the track, load the truck, transport to the Hive (10 minutes away), unload at Hive. Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm

We don’t get any money for the event, but David has mentioned that he would be happy to let us get some of their salvage stuff (everything from wood, to fixtures). Perhaps we could upgrade some stuff in the kitchen or new doors?

I would love to get a few people over the various time slots to spread out the work. It would be nice to have at least four people help run the event so we don’t have to be in the same place all the time. We also have the option of shutting down for breaks if necessary.

Google Sheet for signup

Feel free to post any ideas or questions on this thread.

Brad and I intend to reassemble and test the Power Tool Drag Racing equipment this Saturday afternoon. (2018-05-12 at around 13:00)

Anyone willing to assist with next week’s festivities should feel encouraged to appear and gain familiarity with PTDR operations.

  • Ry

I may get there a bit later than 1:00 (maybe 1:30-2:00, depending on lunch plans with family) but please start without me.

Looks like we got PTDR going.
Thanks to Ryan, Franklin, Dave and Greg for all the help.

I think there may be some tweaks to clean things up but it is mostly ready to go.

The only weird thing is we can’t find the two “nice” 100’ extension cords we had for the racers. We have two crappy ones, but I think we should get two new ones.