Retro Gaming Night

I noticed the Wiki has a listing for "Retro Game Night", but nothing
appears to be organized yet. I was just talking with my friends about
a similiar idea the other day! I would love to take part in getting a
regular (perhaps monthly) game night set up. We have a group of 12
people willing to share consoles/games for the event when it happens.

What we have already:

- 1 Virtual Boy
- 1 Modded Ps1, 2 unmodded w/ many games
- 2 PS2's, one modded (slim)
- 3 SNES consoles (1 slim, 2 original)
- 1 Super Gameboy cartridge
- 1 Dreamcast with the entire Dreamcast catalog
- 2 Gamecubes w/ many games + Gameboy Advance Cartridge reader
- A metal DDR arcade style pad (with broken lights that could be
easily fixed)
- An arcade Drum Mania drum set (needs converters made to work with a
- An N64 with 4 controllers
- A modded Xbox with essentially every ROM known to man
- An FC Twin w/ 2 controllers for SNES and 2 for NES
- 2 Sega Genesis, but one has a faulty power cord
- 4 TV's, One HD (but its only 18')

    With everything you guys have thrown in we could have one hell of
a geekfest! What were the ideas for the event? I haven't been able to
make it to a meeting yet, but hope to come tomorrow.

I think it sounds awesome and the best way to get the ball rolling is to set down a date and see what shakes out.

Here is a list of the stuff we have at the space (from my knowledge)

  • 1x modded xbox
  • 1x PS2
  • 1x PS2 Kiosk (this is PlayerTwo’s and is on loan to the space)
  • A projector (white walls FTW)
  • A couple small TV’s (<15")
  • a potential ~37" SD Plasma TV

Other people from the space have mentioned they have:

  • Virtual Boy
  • SNES
  • You name it…

Yeah, set a date and see what happens… could be interesting to see how “retro” this group can get!

My collection:

1 XBOX360
1 Wii (technically Starbuck’s)
1 PS2
1 N64
2 NES (though I only have one working power adapter, IIRC… been awhile since i turned these on)
1 Atari 800
1 Atari 2600

I can be talked into bringing my 24" LCD monitor in, it has inputs for at least a couple of these, given a speaker set to go with them.

AD&D 1st ed.
Car Wars 1st ed.
Morrow Project 1st ed.

I think I have hunt the wumpus on my ubuntu box.

/me wishes his C64 was still working as well as his Intellivision.


what about playing an old PC lan game, like diablo2?

As someone who just played through Normal on an Amazon and am working on doing it with a Necro, this has my vote.

diablo 2 plusplus

quake requiem is also a must.

I concur on the Diablo 2 action. My girlfriend and I play damn near

Do you suppose an event like this could be used as a promotion/
fundraising event? If all of this was assembled in a legit fashion it
would have a lot of appeal to local gamers.

Man… I have not played Diablo 2 in… ages. I used to be seriously addicted to that game, I mean SERIOUSLY addicted. I would play it every hour that I was awake and not at school. It took a two week family vacation and then network problems to finally break the habit.

However, before we can do a networked gaming night, we need to finish the network. Maybe combine the two events? Finish making the plugs for the network, install the switches, then we finish off the night with a retro-lan party? People can bring in their old consoles, people would probably need to bring in their own computers for LAN games, the space computers would need some serious work to be useable, but that is another project people could work on as well.

That may work… I’ve been busy recently and haven’t been out to the space to start work on finishing up the network stuff. I’ll see about getting some done while I’m out there tonight, and I’ll lay out my plan for getting things finished so people can work on it when Eric and I aren’t there if they want.

Diablo 2 is nine years old ... that's hardly "retro." Erik had the
right idea with Intellivision (sadly, the one my parents let us have
for a short period has long since disappeared).

Besides, if we're going to play LAN games, hands down it's StarCraft.

Worms world party, worms armageddon, worms 2. I might bring those.