Resin 3D printer

Looks like Monoprice is getting into the inexpensive SLA printer space. ($500)

Looks pretty cool for the price.

I , I realllyyyyyyyyyy don’t need to know this … !! , … , … Here someone hold my wallet ! :stuck_out_tongue: , lol

That does look really kewl… I want a printer soo bad …

They have the resin too, which is often the catch. It’s $67.96 per liter, as opposed to formlabs $149 resin. Huh. Still skeptical, but a good review might sway me.

It would be extremely cool if it ends up being s solid option with good reviews for that price. I have only been able to get a handful of prints done with my creality cr10s and am extremely impressed for the extremely cheap price I got it for off of bid fta. Maybe in a month or 2 they wil be getting unopened returns back from monoprice and get the resin printer for even cheaper :slight_smile:

Yes I would definitely wait for some thorough reviews.