Requesting help fabricating open source beehive

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the group, so first off thanks for having me. Just moved to Cincinnati a few weeks ago and I’m excited to get involved with the maker culture here. I previously was a member of Techshop RDU in Raleigh.

Ok so the first project I’d like to work on is this open source beehive.

The designs are going to be released on the 14th and then I just need some help sourcing wood (I’m thinking I’d like to use cedar), and translating the design to G-code to run it through CNC. The question is what should I use to cut it out? I don’t have the design so I don’t know the thickness of the wood yet but I imagine it will be less than 3/4" so it should work on the laser cutter right? I believe the Open Tech Collaborative guys use a CNC router but Hive13 doesn’t have one of these… or do they??

I think I’m going to stop by the open house this evening. Hoping to meet some of you then!

Best Regards,
Cody Harrison

Just got the project manual and design files yesterday. Check em out if you’re interested

Here is the link to the manual:

And here is the link to the design files:

They provide a couple 3dm files, dxf and stl. Should be everything we need to cut this thing out. Well plus the CNC router of course :slight_smile: