Requesting a job wiring for a Airstream

Hello all,

Beth has a Airstream that has been stripped down to be used to make into a small home. She would like to utilize the DC converter in the Airstream to use household appliances and other things within the house (120v). Is there anyone interested in helping her with this project? She is willing to compensate someone with their time and work for this job.

If you would like to contact her, her telephone number is 513-488-0002. You may call or text.

Thanks all!

P.s. If anyone knows of a good plumber, Beth would like to know about him as well.

Where is this located?

Good plumber: Jeff Boothe. 5136421742. Sometimes a little hard to get a hold of. Don’t bother leaving messages - he checks them yearly. Tell him Dave Blundell sent you. He’s almost done helping me with a gut+redo of 80% of the plumbing in my house - cast iron drains, galvanized feed out and PVC drains plus cpvc/copper supply in. Phew.


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