Request: warden media round-up

Hello y’all–at last night’s board meeting, the proposal for the creation of the Hive13 Library has passed, I’ve been appointed as the current Library Warden, and the creation of the library is underway.

During today’s general meeting (07/12), I’d like to get started consolidating some of the media (books, program disks, magazines, etc.) that are around the Hive currently. Important to note this is not a call for member donations as of yet–simply a collection of media we already have here.

My call to the current area wardens is that if you’d like for some/all of your media materials relocated (and or copied, in the case of things like instruction and safety manuals), to please respond to me in this thread or at the meeting tonight about the materials you’d like to relocate. Currently, the space for the library is the cabinet between electronics and crafts–this is subject to change if this space has already been claimed by something unknown to me.

I’ll be working on this shortly after Lisa’s Tuesday Talk tonight. Thank you all–the infrastructure for the library system is underway, so get excited!

- Jack Margeson


Happy to connect on some of the media that we have in the machining area.

Paging @Kmcleod - are there any of the glass books you want me to hand over while I’m here? I feel like there’s probably some good reference material.

@jackmargeson - there are several books and magazines in hot crafts that I’d like cataloged, though I think they may be more useful to live in hot crafts still. Can you get with me Monday during my warden hours?