Request: Pop-Up Cincy Event Information

Hey everyone,

I searched through our wordpress and on the mailing list, but I haven’t been able to find anything written on the upcoming pop-up cincy event.

There are a lot of people who don’t go to meetings but might be interested in being part of our presence at this event. I know some information is at least in meting minutes from past weeks, but if someone could respond on the mailing list and give the details of what is expected, what time, and where, I think it would help foster some interest!

Thanks, and sorry if I missed any event page/written announcement, etc. :slight_smile:


Facebook event… Explains a little bit, not totally clear on how the Hive is involved/represented…

Here’s the info, sorry about not putting this up sooner Elly!

Here’s the actual information, note that for hive members all we’re required to do is show up! :slight_smile:

Concept Camp is a creative mixer where you can help make art and share your ideas/ projects/ concepts and ask for help from other talented people.


CONCEPT CAMP### Pop-Up Cincy curates one-of-a-kind experiences that cause creative change in the community around them.

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Saturday March 28, 2015) Pop-Up Cincy is proud to announce its second Concept Camp in Uptown Cincinnati on Burnett and Rockwell Ave. Concept Camp is an creative mixer where you can make art and or share your project or idea. Simply attend the event and fill out an idea sheet when you arrive, describing your project and areas you might need help with. A portion of the idea sheet is open for others to write their suggestions and contact information that would help you. Mingle and share ideas, and by the end of the night, voila! You’re inspired and have new found connections.

Are you a business looking for a graphic designer? Do you make art but are looking for someone to build your frames? Concept Camp help’s you find your missing links and propel you forward. We hope to see you there.

POP-UP Concept Camp [Saturday March 28, 2015]
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

  • HELP us build a piece of artwork
  • ENGAGE with your community
  • ENJOY food and drink

Oh, and here’s the Event signup to let them know you’re attending:

Elly, Sorry for not posting this information earlier. I just added a new post with some preview photos. Any chance you might want to bring a woodworking or lasercut project?

Thanks! I just thought that people who can’t come to meetings might be interested, and this is a great channel for getting the info out!

Jon and I will be going! I am excited!

Would art projects (like my framed branches and coat hanger, or my jewelry that I’ve laser cut) be appropriate to bring as examples? I’ve made a lot of functional pieces for our apartment that wouldn’t be too easy to bring, or I’ve sold a lot of the other things I’ve made with the laser through etsy. I will rack my brain to see if I have anything else I could bring!

Art projects are most definitely applicable! See you Saturday!

I’ll be stopping by the popup this afternoon, looking forward to it!

Would my 3d-printed voronoi objects be suitable for this event?

They should be sitting on the shelf in the fab lab if someone is taking stuff from the Hive to the popup this morning.