Request for Pipe Clamps

To be able to do the glue up on the wood working bench I’m going to be needing about 28 pipe clamps to provide enough force for the 8’ long glue up. I came to this conclusion using the following resources:

Right number of clamps for the job.

Currently the hive has 4 pipe clamps, which appear to be in good working order. I’ve got a couple my self at home, and I’d like some more, which leaves ~20 still needed. Unfortunately they all need to be present at the same time. Further other types of clamps do not provide enough clamping force to enough that the glue up will be successful.

I know the Hive has more pipe clamps listed on the wishlist, but I don’t know if we want to spend $400 on pipe clamps. (20 clamps @ $20 per clamp)

Does anybody have some they could lend? Might make sense to borrow some, I’ll buy a few personally, and the buy the rest.

Maybe we should look at flea markets (Kevin’s the expert at this), auctions, craigslist. I’ve found that lots of pipe clamps are available in large quantities used. I got a whole heap of them (maybe 2 dozen) for a college shop a number of years ago for $50. A lot of folks often give away extra wood shop stuff.

Maybe we should make a wanted ad for things like this and circulate in the community. A lot of people are more interested in the tax deduction, and would otherwise just have goodwill pick them up.

Short term: I could probably check with the scene shop at CCM and see if you could use some of theirs. There are hundreds and hundreds there (building props quickly is no joke), and Stirling is good about loaning things short term or letting me clamp up in there during down time (more likely).


Also, thanks for the article. I always underestimate how many clamps to use and end up with wobbly stuff. I’d love to learn more about these basics.


Thanks lorin, some loaners sound perfect. I think we'd need them for about a week or so.

I am not quite sure exactly what you need but would this work?

$13.28 from Amazon with a prime account it's free shipping as well.

That’s exactly it, but Menards has the for $10 for 3/4". The $20 I’m quoting includes $10 of black pipe, while you’ve got just the clamp. It might be a little high for some, since we can probably cut some of the pipes in half. I’m shooting a bit high because I’m guessing we might have to buy them, and I’d rather over, rather than undershoot.

What diameter black pipe do you need? I’ve got a bunch sitting around that used to be part of the supply-side plumbing in my house. I was planning on scrapping it.

Either 3/4 or 1/2". 3/4 is preferable.

And to be clear one side needs to have threads cut into it. Not sure how to get that without getting it from the big box stores. Obviously a thread cutter, but I don't have access to one, not do I think the hive has one.

I think it might be good to get a pipe thread set.
A manual set is not too expensive.

Goplus® New Ratchet Ratcheting Pipe Threader Kit Set w/ 6 Dies and Storage Case


It is not fancy but probably good enough for us.
I can add it to the warden sheet.



I have a whole bunch of sections that are threaded on both ends, removed from residential plumbing.
What kind of lengths do you need?

All lengths, particularly with Brad ordering a pipe threading kit. Anything under about 2’ is going to be too small, but other than that, I think we’re good. Theu do need to be either 1/2" or 3/4". We can cut them to length on the metal band saw. Being able to reuse your old pipes would cut the costs in half, which is a huge savings.

I’ve also been poking about on Craig’s list, but not seeing any bargains.

i like the idea of getting a pipe thread set.

I’m not going to have 20 pieces of pipe… I’ll get an exact count tomorrow, but probably less than half that if 2’ is minimum length.

Still a huge improvement.

It appears that it’s possible to rent clamps from Schulloff Tool Rental (and probably others) the rental rate is $14 per week, which is about how long we’d need them, but it’s much of a savings, over having them forever.