RepRap and Reflow

Hey All,

I’ll be getting back in town on the 19th and getting down to some projects.

I have one of my “thermowut” reflow controller boards for the Hive.

Anyone interested in taking point on the Hive’s reflow oven? There’s a toaster at the Hive with an “always on” mode - someone will need to pick up a Power Switch Tail or equivalent.

Also, I just purchased a set of printed parts for the second version of the Prusa Mendel. If I recall correctly, there was some interest in building a mendel awhile back. Anyone know who was involved? Anyone interested in resuming the efforts in parallel with my own? I’ll be picking up steppers and vitamins in the next week or so.


I'm not sure what you mean by a power switch tail or equivalent. I'll
do my best to coordinate with you on this.

Something like

I have relays. I have transistors. That's $24.95 of bogus.

$24.95 of underwriter laboratory licensing.

Relays + transistors are fine too - that’s where the “or equivalent” comes in. :slight_smile:

Yeah more accurate probably