Reorganization proposal electronics and surrounding areas

Seriously, I’m envisioning the scariest, most dangerous shifting horde of junk ever precariously heaped in a box…

Don’t open the door, you may be crushed…

Something like this, nice and labeled might be nice for small electronics. And possibly even bolts/nuts etc…


Yesterday I found a 4ft box on a palette rack that had… drum roll… A SINGLE SERIAL CABLE!!!

I don’t think you truly understand how incredibly important it was to protect that serial cable… in 1987!

I think we’d have hundreds more square feet if we invested time, energy, and some money in smart storage. More shelves on racks, ditch the cardboard boxes, make storage visible, small part storage, and rent a storage space for the damn PT drag racing track and other crap.

PT drag racing is awesome, but it’s 300 sq feet+ of lost workspace in the middle of the hive 320 days a year.


Maybe if we figured out a way to store the tree and some of the other stuff more compactly and more out of the way?

PTDR is ripe for a storage unit, if you ask me. If it needs worked on, bring it to the hive, sure! 90% of the time, that stuff sits and does nothing more than get in people’s way. If we can’t figure out a way to store it (above the fablab?) perhaps a storage space would make sense? I know Jim had talked about getting a small trailer to keep everything in which would serve the dual purposes of getting it out of the hive and making it easier to deploy versus having to rent a box truck. 5x10 $62 $53 5x10 (About space Northside) $45


I totally agree we need to get a better storage setup. An enclosed trailer would be the best.
We should also look into improving the whole setup for storage.
Perhaps a folding arrangement for the Xmas tree and podium.

So many ideas. . .

I’ll try and get the PTDR crew together and talk about what’s next.


what about something like this for the electronics? or bolts?

Love it.
I wouldn’t pay big money, but ten or twenty bucks sounds cool.