Removal of Non-hive owned Plywood on Saturday, Noon

On Dec 13th the Hive decided to “2) Remove all non-hive owned plywood, currently in the two stacks, one of which is in a storage rack”, and the wood was to be removed on or before Dec 31st. I’ve been giving this some extra time to allow for a counter proposal to address the situation of one member having a large section of the Hive for their personal use.

However, I have yet to see a counter proposal, and the past month or two’s worth of discussion leads me to believe there will not be one coming.

As such I’d like to ask for volunteers to move the remaining non-hive owned plywood not in member storage out onto the back loading dock on Saturday, starting at Noon.

Was something able to be worked out with coy to have a “hive wood supply” and to just pay him back when it was used. I really liked the idea of that as not having a pickup truck anymore would make that ultra nice for people in my situation lol.

No, despite it being discussed for the past month or two, no hive members have put forward such a proposal. Personally I’ve got a car, and I have no problems taking a 4x8 sheet of plywood down to the Hive.

There are a number of solutions to the problem:

  1. Get a group buy together, store lumber in temporary storage
  2. Pay Doppes $10 to deliver
  3. Rent the Lowes/Home Depot truck for $20

However, I don’t think the solution is to allow one member to have an entire shelf to their own.

Coy approached me about helping him write an alternate proposal but it hasn’t happened yet. (I think he said something about being in Chicago for work?)

I have a truck and still agree that it would be nice to have a system where Hive members could buy wood Coy had at the hive. The hive has always benefited from the generosity of members who were willing to make supplies available for general use, but having a clear system in place for this to happen is critical. Unfortunately, a clear system for this happening hasn’t happened. No benefit to the hive without this, no reason for it to stay if it’s in the way.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the wood in question currently moved to an area where member storage is NOT slated to happen, an area where arguably it ISN’T actively in the way? Wood being actively in the way vs. one member taking more space than others are two different issues, IMHO. If Coy can pull together a legitimate proposal that you concede has a chance of passing AND his wood isn’t actively in the way, I think you should give him a chance to have his proposal voted on before putting shit on the proverbial curb. If I’ve misunderstood and the current storage of Coy’s wood interferes with space that members are seeking to use, apologies. Curb it.

If you don’t hear from Coy by Saturday, let me know and I can throw the wood in the back of my truck and cover the bed with a tarp to keep it dry so it doesn’t get damaged before Coy figures out what to do with it. I’d hate for it to just sit outside and get ruined, but the deadline has indeed long since come and gone.

More than anything, this sets an awesome precedent as far as I’m concerned. Namely, there is indeed a proverbial stick hiding in the sea of rotten carrots at the hive. The Hive would be a different place if every warden stepped up and was willing to butt heads and ruin a few days in the name of trying to make the space better, as you have here. (In case typing doesn’t carry tone: I’m being 100% serious No sarcasm.) Props for following through, Andrew.


Coy just left town 2 days ago and is gone for 2 weeks, I talked with him a second on the phone about the 4 axis cnc mill. If you would please allow us to throw it up for a proposal I’ll work on it somehow…especially with him being out of town. I have been out with health issues but had the same discussion with him as Dave talked about and I figured it would have been taken care of. Between the new sq.ft. the fact he operates on the honor system and just pay me when you can is BEYOND generous to other members. If people need to help get it figured out while he is out of town if it’s a must, asap thing I’ll drag my sick ass down there. Or make a formal proposal… if it goes into secondary storage in the other room it will be out of the “area”.

I was all for the scrap / un named random wood pieces going out and cleaning up that corner but please don’t do that to a member that just left on business. I would stick up for you in the same way sir as you also have the helping of other hive members in mind as well. Hopefully between Dave and I we can figure out something.

I’m all for a clear proposal, as I’ve stated several times in the past month or two. I’ve yet to see one. We’ve had one clear proposal, which was to remove all non hive owned the plywood not in temporary storage, which was approved and I’m now following through on.

@Kevin - I don’t think you’ve got a clear picture, allow me to be a bit clearer. I originally put this up at the beginning of December, and we’ve discussed it repeatedly. So, I don’t know where this “just left on business” comes into things, since this has been in process since the beginning of December. I have not seen a clear proposal other than removing all of it, which was voted on and approved. Further I was going to move all the plywood out on Dec 31st, but Coy was very good about removing his CNC, wood storage rack, and his plywood wood stored in the rack. He also promised that there would be another vote, Jan 3rd, which didn’t happen for reasons outside of his control. I gave him another week, so that he could put up a vote on Jan 10th. Once again nothing, and no member has put up a proposal to deal with it.

So I’m moving forward with removing the wood from the Hive as decided by vote of the Hive members on Dec 13th. I don’t mind giving people some time, but I think we’ve been more than lenient with this situation, and I’m not seeing any forward progress with any other approach. If you, Dave or Coy can come up with a proposal that will get voted on in the next week or two I can hold off again, but let’s not keep kicking the problem down the road.

By not addressing the issue and just leaving it linger it sends the message that anybody who wants to can claim a shelves worth of space for their personal plywood storage. If that’s what we want to do, I’m fine with that too, I’ve got some plywood I’d like to store flat as well.

Ok - I will make a proposal to buy the 1/4" plywood for cnc classes. We need more as it is. Was planning to purchase some from Coy for the classes (which is why the stuff on the pallet rack is all 1/4").

Oh, and to be explicit, Coy knew that this was coming, since he and I had talked about the deadline of the 31st, and the two extensions (to Jan 3rd, and then to the 10th) so that he could offer a counter proposal. I’m not trying to take advantage of him being out of town to pull a fast one.

I’ve talked to him and he didn’t know what to propose…

I’d like to be able to rework the proposal from the meeting on the 3rd that was postponed. I plan to get together with several people over the weekend to have a plan together that I believe will work for everyone. I am out of town all week this week and potentially for the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll be around to do some work on the weekends though. Hopefully this is acceptable to everyone since I do not believe this wood is taking up space that is hindering anyone from doing working in the space.

Since Tiffany’s put up a proposal to buy the plywood for class use I’ll put off this removal until we have a chance to vote on her proposal.