Reminder - Saturday Cleanup 8/6 Noon to 4P

As mentioned previously on the mailing list and also at this week’s meeting, I will be at the Hive this Saturday from noon onward working to clear more Power Tool Drag Debris from the space. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the personal materials that have been gathering dust for months outside of member storage areas will also begin making their way out of the hive at this time. That process will continue at next week’s regularly scheduled Saturday cleanup.

If your stuff goes missing, it might be worth checking the purgatory shelf next week.

  • Ry

Sorry but I don’t think I can make it today. Had an eye exam at 12 and got my eyes dilated. Still a bit wonky.
I’ll try to come down tomorrow for a bit.

I will be down to start getting the bad tools out of our pile and get all of the racer supplies organized. What I thought was allergies turned into a sinus infection so I have been taking it easy most of the day. I will be down Monday to get stuff arranged and out as well