Reminder. PTDR repair day.

As mentioned at Tuesday’s meeting, I will be at the hive Saturday at noon to stage the power tool dragracing for Louisville. Kevin intends to appear wit a grill and some brats.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Brad, if you are able to make it and still happen to have any of those blocks that were picked up for all of the tool racing stuff I am in need of three locks if you still have them or any left. I had three of the walks just completely wear out Beyond repair and had to cut them unfortunately on my big shed/ Maker Faire storage area. I purchase some cheddar brats, buns, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and we’ll get the grill fired up to make food while people are working at The Hive or just hanging out. It would be awesome if anyone has any special requests to just grab yourself a small pack from Kroger’s or if you would like to bring something to go along with the food like coleslaw. Maybe we can make a train out of work days at the hive as well as second Saturday cleanups to have a nice grilled out meal along with a beer or two while shooting the s*** lol with other hive members that are at the space.

A winter project I plan on making will be a way to make the grill be able to stand upright vertically folded rather than a long ways taking up a bunch of space. If we get that extra room I think it would be pretty awesome to have a grill down there full time and just keep the propane tank and a safe area. It seems to me that meetings where we have a grill out as well as other members making good food always seems to if people interact a lot more with one another in a good way lol I know Dave has mentioned it in the past about bringing down a smoker and doing some Meats, I also own a pretty decent electric programmable smoker that is very easy to use and it might make for some really nice open house nights to invite people to and it sets a great atmosphere I believe.

If anyone coming down could maybe grab some drinks that would be awesome…Its going to be another night without sleep as I am still trying to wind down my mind :frowning: I searched all over up here last night but could not find my Monster energy drinks that are their 'java" line and look like a wooden tall can and comes in mean bean and mocha. If anyone happens to stop and come across them on the way if you stop. I have searched everywhere for the multipacks as I will have to stock up for the makerfaire. If anyone stumbles as dome and can shoot an email or text, it would be really appreciated. 513-478-4858 :slight_smile: mean bean or mocha

hey Kevin,
I think the sams club on northbend sells them in 12packs! I can swing in and take a look for you.

There are several packs of hotdogs in the freezer at the hive. please lay them out and cook them up today!


I’m in FL this weekend.
I did tell someone about PTDR though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi - I’m at the Hive.


Kevin is on his way down now, and I am maybe an hour out. I’ve been dealing with a bit of a migraine this morning.

  • Ry

OK - I’ll need to leave at 2:00 or so…


I was there around 12:30, nobody opened the door so I went home again.


Sorry Andrew, everyone had a slow start getting in, but there are people working down here now til 7 or so.

No worries, it’s a short drive. Maybe next time.