Reminder: Please vote on the two purchase proposals I sent to list


I’m going to be in Indianapolis tonight so I won’t be able to make the meeting. There was a guest speaker last week so there wasn’t much of a regular meeting.

I put two proposals to spend money out on the list and I’d like the membership to vote on them please.

The first was a relatively small (<$200) expense to get new batteries for our UPS for the server rack so it will not be a piece of shit.

The second was a lot more expensive proposal to get new hard drives for the file server and start a cascade of server replacements that will better suit the hive’s IT needs.

Please consider these at the meeting tonight.

By chance are you going to be around Castleton (East 96th Street) over by Fry’s?

They have two 12volt 10amp power supplies on their shelf. Wondering if you can pick me one up? :slight_smile:


No, I’m going to be close to downtown. We’re cabbing / busing it around and then heading up to Chicago tomorrow. Sorry. :frowning: