Reminder, open hours with Lorin tomorrow

If you want my help with a project or certification or whatever, here’s my calendar:

Make an appt with the above link.


Okay, so nobody has made an appointment, and it’s the first sunny day in a long time… So, I’m going to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

If someone wants some time with me, just email and we can set up something.


Might have something to do with being unable to view the calendar without a Google account. :smiley:

Also might not. Who knows.

A few people are down here working on various things, so Hive13 is open regardless.

  • Ry

Dude, quit riding me. :wink:

In fact Dave L appeared for open hours looking for help with the laser, so I’m not the only Google-averse guy who just assumed you’d be here. :stuck_out_tongue:

On on that note, have you ever used the rotisserie for the laser?

  • Ry

It appears there’s already a config file for the rotisserie, but I’m not immediately seeing where to connect the stepper motor leads.

  • Ry

Well, I’m trying to be responsible by announcing to the mailing list. I also have email and a phone…

Dustin was the last to use the rotisserie. I didn’t see him get very good results. The rubber o-rings on it don’t grip well enough for most objects. Printing some ninja flex with light treads would fix that…