Reminder: Nominations for officer positions due in by Next Tuesday

Dave brought it up over IRC that we need to be thinking about our elections – our by-laws indicate that we need to hold the elections in July.

During this week’s meeting, we announced that we would formally hold nominations during next week’s meeting.

If you have any questions, or need clarification on anything, please let the list know.



A couple items of note:

  1. Bylaws on the wiki do not appear to have ever been updated following the modifications made to them. I found a google doc link on the ‘framework’ mailing list, but I am not sure if this is the final format:
  2. According to the bylaws several things are true with regard to the Annual Meeting:
  3. It is in July
  4. It requires we send out at least a 10 day notice of its occurrence.
  5. It requires that we also send out a list of the people who have currently been nominated.
  6. While there is a 10 day notice requirement, you can still be nominated up until 7 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

So, assuming that all items above need to be true, then we NEED to hold the Annual meeting on July 30th.

There has been some confusion in the past about what exactly constitutes ‘notice’ for the meeting. Last year we announced the nominations and election date at every single meeting for 2 months leading up to the elections, however there was still confusion.

In an attempt to limit confusion, I (as secretary) will send out an email this Friday to the mailing list as the ‘official’ announcement of the Annual Meeting on July 30th. This email will contain the following information:

  • Currently received nominations for elected positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer, COO, CTO, Boardx5)

  • Official announcement about the date, time, and location of the Annual Meeting (hint, at the hive, 7:30 pm, July 30th)

  • Full details about how our voting process works and the time frame available for online voting.

If you would like to be included as a nomination on the Announcement email let me know by Friday morning.

I would like to stay on the board but I would like to step down as CFO and take on an assistant CFO position to help with the transition. I would like to recommend Jim as CFO. He already has bank signing authority.

I don’t mind staying on as CTO but I would also hope that others would run for the position.

At this point, I’ve accomplished my #1 goal of my term as CTO, namely to turn the CTO job from a “position” that one person performed to a “role” with a team of people helping under the guidance / oversight of one person with collaboration and collective documentation. I’ve only been a minor actor in a lot of the IT projects and I’m totally fine with that! If I were to die tomorrow, there are at least 3 other people that have the “keys to the castle” so to speak and things would move on without hiccup.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who has helped turn the IT side of the hive around in the past year!

-Dave B.

I’d like to stay on the board as well, but I have no interest in running for any position other than that.


So folks are aware, there are five officer positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer, COO, and CTO) together with five board positions to fill.

There is a tradition for the President to serve one term and I’ll honor that for others to get a chance. This past year has been good for the HIVE and next year should be even better, particularly with the enthusiasm of new blood.

I was not ready to do more than assist Craig at Treasurer, but will run for that office since he’s looking for a well-deserved break and will be still willing to assist.

Everyone should know you don’t have to be an officer or board member to be responsible to get things done. Also know that officers and board members are volunteers so cut them some slack. We’re doing this because it is fun and we all own being excellent to each other. That means giving back by serving in some fashion. Not happy with some area? That means it needs your attention. Consider to try something new and take a lead role; assist in a leadership area; start a new interest night, committee, class, event, or project; and show up faithfully for clean-up sessions. What is the excellent thing you can do to make our HIVE one notch better again in this coming year?