Reminder: No formal meeting 12/27/16

Hello again,

As I’ve been announcing at meetings the last month, we take a break from formal meetings during the winter season. It’s time for family, friends, good food and relaxation (at least hopefully).

Per the bylaws, I will be at the Hive to host the weekly “meeting” (open it, close it and take the one line of attendance minutes), just like Congress.

Please plan votes and in-person announcements accordingly. So either put your vote proposals out by tonight to vote in next week, or set the vote date for 1/3/17. Also don’t show up expecting a real meeting, you’ll either be happy or disappointed in the result. :wink:


President | Hive13

Just poking this again :slight_smile:

One more reminder. Although you few who are there to work at the hive tonight won’t see my face to “run the meeting”. :wink:

My family changed our Christmas celebration to tonight instead of Wednesday, and so some lovely leadership stepped up to be there tonight. Much appreciated!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!