Reminder - It's A Party - Where Hive13 - When Saturday 9/21 from Noon until ?

Come on Down. Meet Hive13 members, Explore the Space. Be a part of the Hive13 Community.

Once a month we get together and Make Hive13 a better place, Cleaning, Straightening up and making the place workable. .

We have lots going on where you can help from a simple as dusting, sweeping up and taking out the trash to oiling and maintaining machines.

After the clean up we’ll do some games, drinks and fun stuff.

See You Saturday.

Dave Velzy

I’ll drag my PS4 down for the gaming portion. Crash Tram Racing should suffice for a party game. I have a few others, but CTR is the new hotness.

Does anyone have a few extra DualShock controllers? I don’t have enough, and might could avoid buying more on the way over.

  • Ry

I can bring a pair of them.