Reminder - How to reach hive13 leadership

If you need assistance from a hive13 leadership member, the best way to contact us via this email:

Area Wardens: (for area related concerns – ie woodworking, electronics, etc)

Here are some examples where you would need to contact us:

  • Keycards - lost, replacements, etc

  • Dues / payment - paypal messed up, change in membership status, donation, etc

  • Locked out - If the RFID doors are not working, lost key.

  • Equipment / Space issues that can’t be addressed via the main membership list.

  • Things we can help you with
    Please remember that we’re here to help and to take care of the space. However, also remember that we are volunteers managing hive13 in our free time, out of the goodness of our hearts. We pay the same dues as everyone else and are, foremost, fellow members. We’re also not the landlord, so sometimes we’re at the mercy of Garden Street for some issues (like the roof leaks).


Secretary & Board Member, Hive13