reflow solder

hi All,
do we still have a way to reflow the solder on a circuit board? (Specifically a motherboard)

I think the reflow oven is still around.
We do have the rework station still (basically a super hot blow dryer), I believe it is working. Might want to test it out before planning a major repair.

I would not use the reflow toaster oven for a rework. The potential to desolder other components is very high.

Reflow toaster is at my place. I can bring it back.

The rework gun is good. Just be sure to apply flux to the area reworked. Without flux, no melting. Also, to protect components, slap some kapton tape on chips and stuff that you don’t want to overheat.

Yes. I was just spouting off the equipment we have/had.

The rework station is probably the best.